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Aereo Cloud

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Data Processing

Innovative Features

Secure and Scalable

Enterprise-Friendly Solutions

Quality-Controlled Data Processing

A robust cloud-based platform for unlimited and ultra-fast data processing. Run multiple instances leveraging highly automated workflows and web-based quality checks.

Advanced Analytics Visualized

Access a highly optimized toolkit, features for 2D & 3D analysis, change detection, & machine learning. View all your insights in an interactive dashboard.

Prioritizing Data Safety

Aereo Cloud is built on a highly secure MEITY-compliant platform with access control for projects and sites. Whether large projects or small ones, you can always scale with ease.

Extensive Customization Made Easy

Build a centralized data repository on a cloud platform that is extensively customized for your needs. Work, edit, share, & manage your geospatial data on Aereo Cloud.

Unparalleled Accuracy with Survey Grade PPK Drones

Aereo - INP

Aereo - INP

Built over a decade. Deployed in minutes.

  • Indigenously developed and fully autonomous
  • Easy to deploy and single-man portable

40 minutes

Flight time

100 hectares

Area mapped in a single flight

2 cm/pixel

High resolution aerial data capture

Aereo - ZFR

India's most reliable hybrid

  • Highly versatile with multi-sensor integration
  • Advanced composite structure and best-in-class lifecycle

120 minutes

Flight time

400 hectares

Area mapped in a single flight

2 cm/pixel

High resolution aerial data capture

On-Demand Deployment of Managed Drone Solutions

Unlock Advanced Business Analytics With Aereo Cloud




Harness the Power of Data Driven Decision Making

Maximize operational efficiency, safety, and productivity with Aereo's end-to-end drone solutions. Seamlessly collect, process, and visualize highly accurate data on a centralized dashboard for informed decision making.

Unleash Total Control With Data Safety

Gain access to the most reliable and accurate data collection and processing services. Aereo's integrated drone solutions are built indegeniously, ensuring MEITY-compliance, data encryption, and extensive control. Small or large projects, our solutions are built for teams that scale.

Robust Oversight and Integration

Managed drone solutions consolidates the accountability under a single stakeholder. From data collection to analysis, we provide transparent oversight, empowering you to make direct and data-backed decisions. Integrate Aereo Cloud into your existing IT infrastructure for advanced insights at your fingertips.

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