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Aereo pilot flying drone
Vipul Singh and Suhas Banshiwala, the founders of Aereo

Our Story

Aereo is the trailblazer in India's integrated drone solutions landscape. Formerly known as Aarav Unmanned Systems, Aereo was founded in 2013 by Vipul Singh and Suhas Banshiwala in the research labs of IIT Kanpur. They harboured a groundbreaking vision to pioneer drone services and solutions for industries, at a time when the potential of drone technology was still largely untapped for commercial applications.

We empower industries with transformative solutions using the power of aerial intelligence. By creating a unique category of scalable end-to-end drone solutions, team Aereo continues to innovate and give back to society. Today, Aereo stands as the undisputed leader in integrated drone solutions, with its headquarters in Bangalore.

Aereo's accomplished team of engineers, designers, and technicians collaborates tirelessly to develop crucial solutions for diverse industries including Mining, Urban & Rural Development, and Large-Scale Construction.

Our Vision

To empower the planet through advanced aerial intelligence: driving global productivity, and sustainably enhancing the quality of life.

Our Mission

We are committed to drive prosperity and sustainability for individuals, ecosystems, and enterprises globally. By advancing aerial intelligence technologies, cultivating a culture of innovation, and nurturing a diverse and talented workforce, we are shaping a brighter future for all.

Celebrating Excellence: Awards and Recognition

Best Drone Company 2022

Aereo was awarded the Best Drone Company in India by Assocham at the 14th Annual Civil Aviation Awards.

Best Tech Startup 2022

We received the Best Tech Startup award from Entrepreneur India. As the leading drone startup in the country, we always strive to set new innovation benchmarks.

GeoSmart Infrastructure Excellence Award 2023

Aereo was conferred with the GeoSmart Infrastructure Excellence Award for Innovation in Surveying and Mapping in a ceremony organized by Geospatial World and the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.

Meet Our Leaders

Aereo is a family of 300+ engineers and innovators working together towards a common goal – drones for the greater good.

Vipul Singh, co-founder and CEO of Aereo
Vipul Singh

Co-founder and CEO

Suhas Banshiwala, co-founder and CTO of Aereo
Suhas Banshiwala

Co-founder and CTO

Kasi Visvanathan

Lead - Finance

Kiran B Kumar

VP - Enterprise Solutions

Shiva IP

Lead - Enterprise Solutions

Abhyudaya Saxena

Lead - GIS Deliveries

Abhiroop Bhatnagar

Lead - Platform

Piyush Rana

Lead - Business Development

Atul Gawand

Head - People & Culture

Murthy SV

Lead - Planning & Production

Dondor Marweiñ

Lead - New Product Development

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