Revolutionize Open Cast Mining

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Mine Surveys
ROI Generated
Faster Data Collection

Transformative Capabilities of Aereo's Drone Solutions

Accurate and 10x Faster Mine Planning

  • Land and Records - expansion and area mapping
  • Statutory plan creation and updation
  • Deviation analysis of open cast mines
  • Overall pit slope analysis

Ensuring Accountability and Efficiency

  • Stockpile volume measurement
  • Estimating dump volume
  • Estimating excavation volume
  • High frequency surveys for better progress tracking & deviation avoidance

Environmental Management Planning

  • Vegetation type & cover mapping
  • Surface runoff & drainage management
  • Environmental compliance improvement

Safer Mining Operations

  • Haul road inspection - gradient, cross-section, and width analysis
  • Slope risk mapping for dumps & pits
  • Safety compliance audits & reporting

Unleashing Innovation

The technology behind Aereo's integrated drone solutions

Transform industry-specific operations with fast and accurate drone surveys and advanced business analytics.

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