Revolutionize Infrastructure Planning and Construction

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Faster Data Collection
Industrial Areas Mapped
Plant Surveys

Transformative Capabilities of Aereo's Drone Solutions

Construction Progress Monitoring

  • Identify safety hazards and safeguard workers and assets
  • Monitor your progress from day to day with faster surveys, iterative data, and swipe maps.
  • Compare and analyze deviations from master plans

Better Site Management with Detailed Project Reports

  • Drone-enabled DPR surveys
  • Design operation parameters
  • Get energy and manpower estimates
  • Accurate fund allocation & evidence-based payouts

Get Critical Business Intelligence

  • Accurately calculate daily stockpile volumes and manage bulk material inventory
  • Ensure your project is environmentally compliant
  • Design, plan, and maintain landscapes in and around your projects

Unleashing Innovation

The Technology behind Aereo's Integrated Drone Solutions

Transform industry-specific operations with fast and accurate drone surveys and advanced business analytics.

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