Data Driven
Aerial Intelligence

From drone data capture to deeper insights, all in a single package

How It Works


Harvest: Industry-Specific Aerial Data Capture

  • Aereo's highly trained and experienced drone operators carry out precision drone operations.
  • State-of-the-art purpose-built drones efficiently collect large volumes of data with unparalleled accuracy.
  • The ultra-high resolution data is uploaded to Aereo Cloud for further processing.


Harness: Processing and Advanced Analytics in One Place

  • Once uploaded on Aereo Cloud, the high-volume raw data is converted into usable outputs in native formats.
  • Outputs such as point clouds, elevation models, and 2D & 3D maps are analyzed in industry-specific analytics engines to improve project site planning, development, & monitoring.
  • Aereo's team of experts conducts multiple quality checks & analyses for exceptional outputs.


Democratize: Seamless Data Sharing Made Possible

  • Aereo Cloud is a device-agnostic platform that enables 360-degree visibility for enterprise stakeholders
  • True digitization begins with accessibility. Aereo Cloud runs on low bandwidth internet and is scalable with high integrability.
  • This enables more democratic data usage across enterprises and users without hassle.

Elevate Your Project Outcomes With Aereo's Specialized Drone Solutions

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